Asia Summer Program 2019

What is Asia Summer Program (ASP)

ASP is a 3 week international summer program focused on topics relevant to Asia. Its primary aim is to foster future leaders who have a strong understanding of Asian cultures, a broad and creative mindset, and a talent for international collaboration. The learning environment is friendly and multicultural, often involving students from universities all across Asia.

Participating students may select 2 courses per day, 1 in the morning (before lunch) and another 1 in the afternoon (after lunch). Most courses cover topics in liberal arts and humanities with some introductory level courses in other fields. All courses are delivered fully in English and taught by esteemed instructors representing participating universities.

Each course generally equals to 2 academic credits that may be converted in the students’ academic transcript for graduation requirements at their home university though the policies may differ between participating universities. Thus, it is highly recommended for students to discuss issues concerning academic credits with the ASP representative at their home university and perhaps also with their academic advisor.

WHO is the host of ASP 2019?

Petra Christian University (PETRA) is the host of ASP 2019. PETRA is founded in September 22nd 1961 and is currently known as the one and only private university in Surabaya accredited A by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education, the Ministry of National Education and Culture of Republic of Indonesia. In addition, PETRA is awarded with 5 stars international accreditation by the Global Accreditation Association (GAA) for its commitment and credibility in education field.

WHEN will ASP 2019 begin?

ASP 2019 will begin from Monday, July 1st 2019 to FRIDAY, July 19th 2019 (3 weeks). Per week consists of 5 days of study, 1 day of tour, and 1 day of free time.

WHERE will ASP 2019 take place?

ASP 2019 will take place in Surabaya, the capital city of the province of East Java in Indonesia. Surabaya is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage from its Dutch colonial past and multicultural inhabitants. As the second largest metropolitan in Indonesia, Surabaya is home to approximately 3.4 million people with diverse ethnicity and religious backgrounds. With a rich cultural and historical past, Surabaya is a mixture of the old and new, vibrant and bustling with activities while still allowing its residents and visitors to feel at home.

Asia Summer Program 2019

Why Should I Join ?

Insight and Awareness

Gain insight and awareness of Asia’s diversity and regional issues through specially designed courses.


Experience several foreign languages and cultures.


Develop international network and exposure through multicultural friendship,


Spend summer in a rewarding and productive way


Go home with tons of happy memories to cherish once ASP 2019 comes to an end



Foreign Student

IDR 2.600.000


IDR 3.000.000

Local Student

Living in surabaya

IDR 8.800.000

Local Student

Living outside surabaya

The registration fee for ASP 2019 includes:

  • Course tuition
  • Materials for class work
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off*
  • 3 weeks accommodation*
  • 3 meals per day during weekdays
  • Program events
  • Local transportation associated with the program

Additional costs during the program will result from purchasing meals on weekends and pursuing independent activities.
Please also note that all ASP participants must have traveler’s health insurance for the duration of their stay in Indonesia. Further information about insurance is provided in the ASP Registration Form.
Registration fees should be paid by students to the account of their home university according to the instructions of their ASP representative.
* These facilities are NOT included for Petra students and local students living in Surabaya.

Please complete all sections of this application form.
Note: Courses for ASP should be designed at an introductory university level. Typically, two academic credits are transferable to students’ home university for successful completion of a course, which should involve roughly 30 class hours. Applications to open an academic course should be received by the end of February 2018.

Section A - Instructor Information

*Please use the box below to indicate any medical conditions (drug allergies, chronic diseases, etc.) about which ASP program directors should be aware.

*Please use the box below to indicate any dietary requirements (food allergies, vegetarian diet, etc.) about which ASP program directors should be aware .

Section B - Course Information

Example : 20% attandance, 20% essay, 60% final test
A 86-100
B+ 76-85
B 69 - 75
C+ 61 - 68
C 56-60
D 41-55
E < 41

Section C –Weekend Tour

These tours are thank you gifts for your participation on ASP 2019. However, you have option not to join either or both tours. Please confirm your participation on these tours below.

Section D – Upload